The Crisis

  1. The Fundamentals of the Housing Market: A Closer Look at Los Angeles
  2. Rental Affordability Crisis: Where Is Cost Burden Worst? "Los Angeles: 58.3% Total Cost-Burdened, 26.8% Moderately Cost-Burdened, 31.5% Severely Cost-Burdened."
  3. The 2018 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress
  4. INRIX 2016 Global Traffic Scorecard
  5. Take A Deep Breath And Read About How Bad LA Smog Really Is - LAist"Los Angeles still has the worst smog in the country, according to the American Lung Association's 2018 State of the Air report"
  6. Safest and Most Dangerous Cities in America for Cyclists
  7. Profile of the City of Los Angeles (SCAG) Between 2000 and 2018 the City of LA grew by 364,923 people while approving only 103,518 new housing units
  8. An Equity Profile of the Los Angeles Region Summary - PolicyLink

  10. Parking Infrastructure: A Constraint on or Opportunity for Urban Redevelopment? A Study of Los Angeles County Parking Supply and Growth - Journal of the American Planning Association Paper & Website
  11. {See Notes}
  12. 2016‐2040 RTP/SCS Final Growth Forecast by Jurisdiction
  13. California Housing Partnership, LOS ANGELES COUNTY RENTERS IN CRISIS
  14. The Effectiveness of Housing First & Permanent Supportive Housing
  15. Affordable, safe and stable housing for women survivors of violence
  16. Housing Affordability and Health: Evidence From New York City
  17. Eviction's Fallout: Housing, Hardship, and Health
  18. Homeless and Housed Families in Los Angeles: A Study Comparing Demographic, Economic, and Family Function Characteristics
  19. What are parking minimums?

  20. City of Los Angeles Summary of Parking Regulations
  21. County of LA Adopted Budget 2018-2019
  22. City of LA Adopted Budget 2018-2019
  23. {See Notes}
  24. Going Vertical

  25. Effects of TOD on Housing, Parking, and Travel
  27. A zoning code can’t change its [parking] spots
  28. "EVERYTHING built in LA is defined by parking" - reddit thread
  29. Parking Requirement Impacts on Housing Affordability
  30. LA City Data: Building Permits: New Housing Units
  31. Mayor Garcetti Proposes Fiscally Responsible 2020 Budget With Investments In Homelessness And Infrastructure
  32. The fallacy of traffic

  33. Los Angeles Drivers on the 405 Ask: Was $1.6 Billion Worth It?
  34. The Fundamental Law of Road Congestion: Evidence from US Cities†
  35. Increasing Highway Capacity Unlikely to Relieve Traffic
  36. Generated Traffic and Induced Travel Implications for Transport Planning
  37. Conceptual Framework for Understanding Latent Demand: Accounting for Unrealized Activities and Travel
  38. Parking, People, and Cities | Michael Manville and Donald Shoup
  39. Economy A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy
  40. AAA Driving Costs"the average cost to own and operate a new vehicle in 2018 is $8,849 per year"
  41. What is the full cost of your commute
  42. Garcetti’s budget would spend more money on street repairs and homelessness
  43. Road Damaging Effects of Dynamic Axle Loads
  44. LA’S PLAN TO REBOOT ITS BUS SYSTEM—USING CELL PHONE DATA" But the cell phone data showed that only 16 percent of trips in LA County were longer than 10 miles. Two-thirds of all travel was less than five miles. Short hops, not long hauls, rule the roads."
  45. At least 240 people killed in LA traffic collisions in 2018
  46. It’s True: The Typical Car Is Parked 95 Percent of the Time
  47. The Environmental Context

  48. Evaluating the potential for urban heat-island mitigation by greening parking lots
  49. Creating and Mapping an Urban Heat Island Index for California
  50. American Lung Association - Most Polluted Cities
  51. More than 4 in 10 Americans Live with Unhealthy Air; Eight Cities Suffered Most Polluted Air Ever Recorded
  52. Vehicle pollution 'results in 4m child asthma cases a year'
  53. More than 4 in 10 Americans Live with Unhealthy Air; Eight Cities Suffered Most Polluted Air Ever Recorded
  54. Child Asthma In Los Angeles County
  55. The point of no return for climate action: effects of climate uncertainty and risk tolerance
  58. UC Berkeley CoolClimate Network, Average Annual Household Carbon Footprint (2013).
  59. Moving Forward

  60. Santa Monica Municipal Code - PArking Minimums
  61. Transit Oriented Communities Affordable Housing Incentive Program Guidelines (TOC Guidelines)
  62. CASP Cornfield Arroyo Seco Specific Plan 2.1 Zoning
  63. Zoning Code Evaluation Report